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It's been almost two years since the massive Gulf oil spill, but what has changed?  BP is trying to convince coastal states that the tragedy is not forgotten.  At noon we'll show you aerial video of the site as it appears today. Meanwhile, today is the deadline for BP and those who claim they were harmed by the spill to file details of their proposed settlements.  Last month BP agreed in principle to resolve claims by more than 100-thousand plaintiffs seeking economic and property damages.

In other state news, the Governor is expected to sign the education reform bills into law.  We'll tell you when and where.

Also today we'll have the story of a happy reunion between a precious pet and it's family after a fire nearly separated them forever.  It's a reunion that wouldn't have happened without the kindness of a stranger.

And its performance night for Westlake native and Idol hopeful Josh Ledet.  We'll explain how you can have your votes count to keep him in the competition.  Remember, if he gets to the final three the show will come down to Westlake to document his hometown and all the community support.  It was a close call last week for Josh, and with this week being a double elimination week, it's more important than ever to cast those votes.

Ben says if you like what you see right now weather-wise, you can expect more of the same tomorrow.  It's cool and crisp with very little humidity, but what's lurking toward the end of the week?  Find out all the details on that forecast at noon.

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