Restaurant serves $12K, 10-course Titanic meal

Houston (AP) - A restaurant in Texas is among many around the world offering diners a replica of the last meal aboard the Titanic, on the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking.
Twelve people gathered Saturday at Cullen's in Houston for a lavish 10-course dinner much like the one the wealthiest people aboard the ship enjoyed just before the ship hit an iceberg.
Chefs around the world attempted to transport diners to a time when waiters in starched coats served an upper class far removed from the common man, many of whom filled the lower portions of the Titanic and went largely unnoticed by the wealthy until they perished together in the cold sea.
At Cullen's, Roberts and Chef Paul Lewis spent months researching the menu, the waiters' attire, china, silverware and crystal.

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