DeQuincy's 29th Annual Railroad Days Festival

DeQuincy Railroad Days Festival

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - DeQuincy held its 29 Annual Railroad Days Festival, a festival that was honored in the Top 20 Events in the South by The Southeast Tourism Society.

With help from the Federated Service League in DeQuincy, President of the group Mary Jo Bayles said it draws in many visitors.

"It started as a country fair and we've evolved into a huge festival now," Bayles said.

But it's the railroads that really bring in the crowds, especially with the newly renovated DeQuincy Railroad Museum.

"The city of DeQuincy was born from the railroad. We have two railroads here north, south, east and west that met and I think that's where DeQuincy evolved from that," Bayles said. "So the railroad just brought DeQuincy to life."

The museum contains pictures, objects and other railroad memorabilia that take visitors back in time to DeQuincy's railroad past.

"Going through all the records upstairs, just boxes and boxes of stuff," Museum Curator Les McMahen said. "It was kind of like a treasure hunt."

McMahen, who claims to be an avid model railroader for years and a railroad historian, said it was interesting to discover all the items.

The Railroad Days Festival is also a time to discover a majority of the people in DeQuincy have and still work for the railroads, like DeQuincy Mayor Lawrence Henagan.

"I'm a Union Pacific engineer myself so you know we made our livelihood from it and it's the major way you move manifests across the country," Henagan said.

The festival continues on Saturday, April 14 in DeQuincy.

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