Sulphur brawl raises questions about internet posting


A fist fight between two Sulphur teenagers is the center of many questions Thursday about what is legal to post on the internet.

The altercation occurred between two juvenile girls. It was videotaped and photographed. The incident is now under investigation, specifically the fact that at least one adult may have been present and encouraging the fight.

Evidence spread across Facebook, several videos and pictures. Most of it is deleted now, but it doesn't erase what happened.

"The internet is getting so carried away now with its content, that it's time for us to put a reign on that," said District Attorney John DeRosier. "Having people fighting on the internet or performing any other acts that simply don't belong in the public domain need to be shut down and we're going to do that."

The issue didn't stop there. At least one adult is believed to have gotten involved. The Sulphur Police Department is also investigating whether or not that adult was present during the fight, possibly encouraging it.

"If there is an adult that is participating in that, that adult can and will be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile," said DeRosier.

"We are a mandatory reporting state, so anything involving a juvenile, if an adult sees this, they can also becomes criminally responsible if they don't report this to law enforcement," said Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso.

Current laws prevent adults from posting criminal activity involving minors on the internet, but there is nothing stopping minors from posting videos or pictures of other juveniles participating in a crime. DeRosier hopes to change that within the next year. He and Mancuso both want young adults to realize the consequences of their actions.

"They're going to be adults one day," said Mancuso. "They're going to want to get a job. They're going to want to go to school. Hopefully, they're going to want to be a productive citizen in our community. Many places, like ourselves, we ask for their Facebook pages and their activity to see. It's part of their character."

The Sulphur Police Department is investigating the altercation with some help from the Sheriff's Office.

It is unclear this early whether or not charges will be pursued and against whom.


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