Louisiana Crossroads presents its final concert in the series

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Louisiana Crossroads series had its final presentation Wednesday evening, April 11. The concert event brought together Canadian and Acadian musicians.

Both having similar musical roots, but with different techniques to keep the common heritage preserved.

"The concept of Louisiana Crossroads preserves our music in our area and our history and our cultural background and our heritage here in Louisiana," Lake Charles Director of Cultural Events Denise Fasske said.

"They are going to bring us the traditional French Canadian music and they are going to collaborate with three of our regional Acadian artists," Fasske said.

The group De Temps Antan from Quebec brought traditional Quebecois music to Southwest Louisiana with help from local musician and Cajun fiddler, David Greely.

Greely taught the Quebec musicians the Cajun style of playing.

"There's a lot that we share and there's a lot of things that we have different here," Greely said. "We've got so much blues in our music and so much swampy sound and everything."

But there's one difference between the two types of music.

"It's kind of half one foot in Louisiana and then one foot in Quebec, and the foot in Quebec is stomping a lot," Greely said.

De Temps Antan fiddler Andre Brunet said their music has a lot of energy and vitality.

"It talks. We don't need to think too much. We just have to feel it," Brunet said.

And using their feet is a huge part of their musical performance.

"It's the drum of the music. We don't have any drums except the foot work of the fiddler or the other musicians," he said.

The NPR affiliate broadcast the concert live and it was also streamlined worldwide on the Internet. It was the final concert in the Louisiana Crossroads series.

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