Drivers trying to adjust to high gas prices

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you've had to fill up your gas tank lately you've no doubt found yourself digging deeper in your pocket. As the price of regular gasoline edges closer and closer to $4.00 per gallon drivers are adjusting. For Grenetta DuBrock that means mapping out her errands before she leaves home.

"Whereas before it's not a problem... I can go here and catch this on a different day. Whereas now you try to knock them all out at once so that you are using less gas. It all adds up," explained DuBrock.

Prices are up all across the board. Sam Benoit uses diesel and is also feeling the pain.

"If you think about it diesel should be cheaper than gas. But it's running pretty close to gas," said Benoit.

Benoit still has his latest catches on ice and admits trips to the lake are becoming fewer and farther between.

"I mean you can't go fishing everyday like you did back in the day. To where you just load your boat up and go. It costs a good 100 dollar bill to fill up a good a boat and $50 to fill up a little boat... Just to go fishing," said Benoit.

If you think the prices are high here, folks up north have been feeling the pain at the pump for a while and will tell you prices down south are a steal.

"The gas price here is a lot better than in Indiana. Diesel fuel there is almost $4.19 a gallon. And regular gas is right at around $3.99. Sometimes you are looking at $3.95," said John Park, from Indiana.

Some say the solution is tapping into the reserves, but others say why complain over something that's out of our control.

"Anyone that has the power to do anything about it is not doing anything about it. It's just going to continue going up. And minimum wage is staying the same... It's time to bring up the minimum wage to compare with the prices that everyone is steady pouring out and pouring out," said Andrew Scott.

For now drivers are doing anything they can to find the best deal, especially Carol Day who is filling up for the second time this week.

"I have my little app on my phone and it tells me where the cheapest prices are... And I use it," said Day.

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