Wednesday morning headlines

Good Morning!

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom getting ready for 7News@Noon.

Two massive earthquakes off the coast of Indonesia today, but luckily there have been no signs of deadly waves or serious damage.  A tsunami watch issued for much of the Indian Ocean has been lifted, but people along the coast are still seeking higher ground because of memories of the 2004 tsunami that killed 170 thousand people in one province alone.

Big news from the Food and Drug Administration today.  The agency is now calling on drug companies to help limit the use of antibiotics given to farm animals.  Scientists say this decades-old practice has contributed to a surge in dangerous, drug-resistant bacteria.  Antibiotics are mixed with animal feed to help livestock, pigs and chickens to put on weight and stay healthy in crowded barns. Scientists have warned this practice leads to the growth of resistant germs that can be passed to humans.  At noon, we'll tell you about the new FDA guidelines.

Also today a bit of maritime history and how time passes.  One hundred years ago, the Titanic would have arrived on New York's west side piers, but now some of those piers don't even exist. What would it have been like if the ship made it to shore?

Plus romance is in the air at the Baton Rouge Zoo.  So right now there are babies, babies and more babies over there!  At noon, we'll take a look.

In weather, Ben tells me there's a chance for a few afternoon thunderstorms today – but what about tomorrow?

You can find that answer and more today on 7News@Noon.  We hope you join us, and have a great day everyone!