Monday Afternoon Headlines

Good Afternoon everyone!

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC Newsroom with a look at what we're working on this afternoon.

Are you a McNeese student who drives to class each day?  Has parking been a problem for you?   Well, there is hope on the horizon.  Tonight a look at how the MSU is planning to address the issue in the very near future.

Mitt Romney has one less opponent today.  Rick Santorum suspended his Presidential campaign today….dropping out of the competition and basically ceding the nomination to Romney.  Look for reaction to that decision tonight.

In political news closer to home, the state House of Representative's budget committee narrowly supports Governor Jindal's plan to sell the Avoyelles Correctional Facility.  The administration says it's a way to save money, while opponents say the sale would damage public safety and drive up costs in the long-term.

And for all of us with smart phones and other digital devices, news out of Washington today that should make it tougher for people who steal those devices.  Phone carriers and manufacturers are working together to create a blacklist that would make those stolen devices useless to thieves.

While those smart phones and the like are things of our modern society, it's good to remember the good ole days.  Folks in DeQuincy are preparing to do just that with the Louisiana Railroad Days this week.  What's in store?  Tune in for the answer tonight.

In sports,  we're checking out both the McNeese Softball and Baseball teams as they face some action today…and  hey, is Bill Parcells in or out as interim coach for the Saints?   Joe Downs will have the answer.

And as far as the weather is concerned there's still a chance for a few showers, Kristian will have your complete forecast.

It's all tonight at 5 and 6 – we hope you join us.