Morning headlines April 10th

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We'll tell you about the dropping rate of teen births in the United States.  The highest rate remains in Mississippi, but where does Louisiana rank?  A hint: we're still in the top ten.

Would it be easier for you to lose weight if you had money riding on the situation?  We're going to tell you how one website is cashing in on your attempts to get healthy and drop the pounds.

Plus we'll show you how math is a mighty crime fighter.  A complicated algorithm can predict crime cases with surprising accuracy and helping police find criminals before they strike.

Did you know that the original "Tarzan" movie was filmed in Morgan City, Louisiana?  It was way back in 1918.  The silent film was called "Tarzan of the Apes" and was one of the first movies to make a million dollars at the box office.  This Louisiana connection has prompted a very special festival that will highlight all sorts of things – including a painting done by none other than "Cheetah" the famed chimp from the movie.  We'll tell you all about it at noon.

Will our weather be something to celebrate?  Well, 7 Storm Team Meteorologist Ben Terry tells me it should be a pretty nice day….but he says some of you may get a bit of rain.  His complete forecast is coming up in just a bit.

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