Beach goers aware of dangers on the water

Safety At The Beach

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As the weather gets warmer, more people flock to the I-10 beach in Lake Charles, and beach goers are aware of the dangers on the water.

People on the beach are keeping an eye on their loved ones and others who are swimming in the lake. At least three people drowned during the summer of 2011 off the I-10 beach, one of the victims to drowning was a 6-year-old boy.

Tameria Davis, Fort Polk, was on the beach with her family. She said she's keeping an eye on her boys because she can't swim.

"He has floaties on and he's not allowed to go any farther than as tall as I am because I'll have to walk in and get him," Davis said. And this summer, she said, her boys are taking swim lessons.

"As soon as the pool opens on post, he'll be taken to them," she said.

Waylon Matteson, Lake Charles, said he keeps his daughters close to shore and anytime they are out in the water he's there with them.

"Best way to keep an eye on them is always keep their hand and hold hands with them wherever they go," Matteson said. "Keep them real close."

Both Davis and Matteson have laid down the rules as far as beach time fun.

"If he goes in too far, we'll go get him and time out. They gotta sit down," Davis said.

Beach goers must keep in mind the I-10 beach does not have active lifeguards on duty and should swim at their own risk.

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