Comedian Jen Kober goes Hollywood in "American Reunion"

Comedian Jen Kober goes Hollywood in "American Reunion"

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - American Pie's "American Reunion" hits theaters nationwide this weekend and joining the cast of familiar characters is comedian Jen Kober.

"I play the partner of one of the returning cast members. And I have a really great scene with the character Stifler. So I can't tell you what all goes down but I can say it's definitely memorable. I haven't seen the movie yet but according to insiders and friends who have seen it - I get a lot of big laughs," said Kober.

The Lake Charles native has a lot to feel good about these days. Aside from her debut on the silver screen Kober has made an appearance in a couple of sitcoms - most recently NBC's "Up All Night." According to Kober there's a lot more to come.

"I just got cast in a new movie. We are filming in Los Angeles. I have to go back next week for that - it's called "Tick Tock." So I have a really great fun little supporting role in that movie and I have some stuff on the horizon with a sitcom for me. So we will see how everything pans out in the world, but I'm very happy with what's going on," said Kober.

While she splits her time between, Lake Charles, Los Angeles and everywhere else in between, Kober said Louisiana is always close to her heart because it's what inspires her material.

"Well from my life to all the crazy adventures that keep happening to me... The kind of people I get to meet, the sort of position of my you know my hick/Cajun values against the world where I find myself, which is Los Angeles or New York or Las Vegas. So I just tell my stories and people react to them," explained Kober.

After years of playing local venues it appears as though the sky is the limit for this funny gal who is finally cashing in after paying her dues.

"I think now that it is all happening it's still a little surreal. And I feel incredibly grateful and silly to be doing this and getting paid for it," said Kober.

Kober plans to watch the movie with friends and family Friday night after her comedy show at the Lake Charles Little Theatre.

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