Final farewell to local soldier

Captain Aaron Istre Funeral

The life of Captain Aaron Istre was truly honored today at his funeral in Jennings.

His wife Jennifer gave a personal testimony. She said she was honored to have him as a husband, a father to her children, and a best friend.

Ryan Shubat was alongside Istre during his deployment to Iraq in 2005.

"He was a great guy," said Shubat. "Very easy going. He's the one who kind of kept me calm. I was the one who would flip out over things. He'd always step in and say don't worry about it. There's another day."

Istre joined the army following high school graduation. He chose to make it his career. Shubat says Istre served as his mentor during their tour together.

"The best thing I remember about him is no matter what happened he never got mad about anything," said Shubat. "It kind of rolled off his shoulders. He kind of passed that to everybody else."

Istre's wife Jennifer saluted her husband for the final time before being given his casket flag. His mother and father also received flags. Istre's uncle says he was really just a nice guy.

"I don't think he ever truly met a stranger," said Carson Guin. "He was very open and honest. Rarely did you see him that he didn't have a smile on his face and show true gratitude for any hospitality he received."

His burial was done in true military fashion, the way a hero deserved to be laid to rest.

"He's a true friend that'll really be missed," said Shubat. "I'm still kind of going through my process. I don't believe even going in there. I don't believe it. I remember a guy I knew in 05-06. A guy I stayed friends with following it. He'll be missed."

The Patriot Guard Riders joined the procession again Thursday, to honor not only Istre, but all of America's fallen military men and women.

"Any individual who can't appreciate the efforts of our soldiers over there and the dedication and their work does not deserve the freedoms, the liberties, and the life that we have in this country," said Guin.

Captain Istre graduated from Vinton High School in 1993. He was on his third tour of duty when he was killed last month. Istre would've become a major this year.

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