National Walking Day gets local people moving

National Walking Day gets local people moving

Most of us are more likely to spend more time in our workplace than anywhere else! That can mean hours of inactivity, doubling the risk of heart disease.

To combat that, the American Heart Association teamed up with CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital Wednesday to get people from across the area walking for 30 minutes.

It is part of National Walking Day, one day a year that people are encouraged to wear tennis shoes to work and take a step towards healthier living.  Janice Ackley with the Southwest Louisiana chapter of the AHA said, "That's the recommended American Heart Association minutes per day to do vigorous exercise.  30 minutes and it indeed improves your life expectancy and your health."

Gigi Kaufman with Gigi's Fitness partners with CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital to get people in the community moving, one step at a time.  "I am a big walker, many people see me walking all over town and it's just a natural process," she said, "we walk every day. It's easy to do, you can walk almost anywhere and in Lake Charles, we have such great walking paths."

One in two men and one in three women are at risk for heart disease, with poor lifestyle playing a big role in those numbers.

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