April 4, 2012 - Capt. Debbie McElhannon

U.S. Army Captain Debbie McElhannon  began her military career as a diesel mechanic in the Marines.  But after marriage and a child, she decided to settle down, so to speak, in the Army Reserves.

"Coming from active duty Marine Corps to Army Reserves, it was a lot more relaxed atmosphere, than what I was used to in the Marines," said McElhannon.  "It wasn't difficult to switch, because I'm pretty flexible, but it was very different."

Captain McElhannon has served in both Kuwait and Iraq, in the Army's 336th Finance division, where she worked with contractors.

"We funded a lot of  what they call commander emergency response missions, which help the economy, the civilian populations, so that they could have schools and that kind of thing."

Currently training at the Army Reserve Center in Lake Charles, Captain McElhannon says she wants to stay in the reserves.

"Just being able to serve your country and make sure the freedoms that you have now are going to continue when my kids grow up to be my age.  That's the biggest thing that keeps me here."

For now, McElhannon enjoys living at home with her husband two sons.  She could get a call anytime for another tour of duty overseas.

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