New marketing strategy for local seafood business

Keeping Seafood Local

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - A new website gives fishermen an easier way to market their fresh catch to local consumers.

Fishermen can create an online profile to the website that would contain their contact information. It would allow consumers to see which fishermen are in their area and what their harvest schedule looks like.

"[Consumers] call him up and make an appointment, negotiate prices with him and get some fresh shrimp," LSU Ag Center Southwest Louisiana Area Agent Kevin Savoie said.

The website would be a way for shrimpers to sell directly which would in turn put more money in their pockets and more money into the local economy.

"The pilot project was started over in Delcambre and it's been very successful," Savoie said. "These guys are selling product for about two and a half times what they were getting at the local docks."

The site offers five different port areas to contact a local fisherman: Cameron, Delcambre, LaFouche, Terrebonne and the New Orleans area.

"I think it's really going to be a boost to their way of doing business," Savoie said.

Savoie said with the right licensing, fisherman can sell close to everything that comes in on the boat. Except for oysters.

"Oysters are not allowed to be sold directly to consumers from a fisherman just because of all the regulations that are tied to oyster harvesting and handling," he said.

The website is up and running and Savoie said in May a fee with be charged to members who are marketing their fresh catch of the day. This money will go toward upkeep of the website.

Those interested in joining can sign up on the website or contact Kevin Savoie at 337-905-1318.

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