Childhood friend remembers soldier from Vinton

WEB EXTRA: Childhood friend remembers soldier from Vinton

Services are still pending for Captain Aaron Istre from Vinton who died Saturday in Afghanistan.  Those who knew Istre say he was a dedicated soldier and devoted family man.

Istre was a decorated soldier who devoted his adult life to serving his country. He joined the army after graduating from Vinton High School in 1993.  And he talked his friend, Anthony Bordelon, into joining as well. "We met in elementary school in fifth grade, grew up together, went to high school together, graduated together. He and I both joined the service together and went active duty for a couple years. We both got out and came into the National Guard and he went to LSU and got his degree and got his commission and went back active duty."

He says Istre was a terrific man who dedicated his life to his family and his country. "I think he would want to best be remembered as a soldier and a husband and a father. He was great at all of those, the best guy. Great personality, always there for you when you need him, super guy," said Bordelon.

Istre leaves behind a wife and three children along with his mother Vickie Cormier and sisters Heather and Kristin Hanks. Bordelon says he believes Istre died doing what he wanted to do. "The best way to honor him and any soldier who has fallen is to be patriotic and support your troops because they do give everything that they can for their country and for all of us," said Bordelon.

Istre earned numerous awards and decorations in his service to his country before making the ultimate sacrifice.

Look for more look for more of our interview with Anthony Bordelon. We will let you know once funeral arrangements are finalized.

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