Roadways remain flooded in western Calcasieu Parish

Roads remain flooded

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - The recent heavy rainfall left many roads in western Calcasieu Parish underwater. Some of those roads are now clear, but others aren't.

Water has receded in some places, but Sunday morning in other places, residents say the water was still coming up.

Either way driving on closed roadways is against the law.

The aftermath of the recent rainfall is still disrupting daily life for many people. Flooded roadways are making travel difficult and in some places impossible.

"Obviously we want people to use extreme caution," said Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso. "You know sometimes the roadway may look passable in one area and then all of the sudden, you don't know what's under it."

The roadway could wash out or the water could be deeper than it looks. In some places roadways flooded earlier in the week are now clear including Houston River Road between Claiborne and Highway 27. But not far from there, some roadways are still submerged.

"It's mainly just common sense right now," said Mancuso. "The roadways are impassable."

Portions of Royer Loop just north of Sulphur are flooded, and side roads like Cypress Lake are completely inaccessible. Boats are the only means of transportation for residents living here and off of Koonce Road on Kendrick Road. Only the tops of mailboxes are visible at some homes. Barricades are still up on portions of Edgerly Road as well.

"Don't go pass the barricades," said Mancuso. "They can be cited for removing a barricade. They can be cited for going through a barricade. Those were put there for a reason, for their safety. And they're just going to have to abide by them."

Officials strongly discourage traveling any flooded roadways. Find an alternate route if you have to go somewhere. But if not, stay at home.

"People just go joy riding and they cause wakes," said Mancuso. "It may get into people's houses and that's what we're trying to avoid.

Early this weekend, portions ofOoakdale were in flood danger. Officials told us earlier that the water had gone down quite a bit but if any residents were in need of sand bags, contact the fire department.

For Calcasieu Parish residents, sand bags are available at either of the parish barns.

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