VIDEO: Man arrested for DUI after police chase in Lake Charles

SCENE VIDEO: Suspect Arrested

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A man was arrested for DUI first offense after a slow pursuit police chase.

Lake Charles Police received a call at Ryan and Mcneese in regard to a vehicle driving erratically.

After police located the vehicle and activated their blue lights, the suspect didn't pull over. At that point the police began pursuing the vehicle in a slow speed pursuit.

When asked how fast the suspect was going, a witness said "Fast. It seemed like he was running away. He must have known they was chasing him. It was like they was chasing him."

The suspect eventually stopped at the intersection of Hodges and East, with his car up on the curb on Hodges.

Police say the suspect was advised through verbal commands to exit his vehicle. The police observed him reaching for something in his center console. That made them believe he possibly had a weapon.

Police called out to the stopped suspect in his vehicle. After several attempts, police noticed his window was down. Police employed the canine but it was unable to fit through the window. They then retracted the canine.

Police approached the suspect, cracked the door open and tasered the suspect for a 5 second burst. At the completion of that burst the suspect was then seen reaching for his center console. At that point police sent the canine after the suspect. The canine bit the suspect on the arm, drawing blood.

Police then apprehended the suspect and took him away.

The suspect was charged with DUI first offense

Later at the hospital, police asked the suspect why he was going into his center console. The suspect told police that "he was going for his unemployment papers". A search of the console turned up nothing.

The suspect said he wasn't aware of what he did. Police said, "What he did was put a lot of people in harm's way."

No additional information has been released at this time. More information was expected to be released at a later date.

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