Beauregard Parish gets worst of wind & rain

Beauregard Parish gets lots of wind and rain

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - Mother Nature wasn't friendly Tuesday. The ride home on north Highway 171 near Longville got rough for some. At mile marker 35 an 18-wheeler flipped on its side in the median.

Up the road wind appears to be the culprit partially overturning a camper. Nearby resident Wilson Willis also felt those winds.

"It seems like a bad wind coming. And I didn't notice it too much because I was watching TV. And then the TV went out and it got worse and worse and worse," recalled Willis.

The dormer and back wall of his home were completely ripped off. Willis' barn and fence that surrounds his property also took on damage.

"It wasn't three minutes and it seemed like it was over with. It blew threw and tore up everything and then it was gone," said Willis.

Further north to DeRidder water was an issue, where by 10 p.m. they had received at least six to seven inches of rainfall. Several roads were closed in the area due to overwhelming waters. There were also reports of homes on the golf course taking in water.

Schools will be closed Wednesday in Beauregard Parish due to flooding and road closures.

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