Newly paved highway already receives repairs

Highway 14 in Lake Arthur

LAKE ARTHUR, LA (KPLC) - Highway 14 runs from New Iberia to Lake Charles, and while it may not be heavily traveled, local residents use the road daily.

The portion that runs through Lake Arthur was recently redone, and residents are not happy about the outcome.

As soon as the construction finished, the patchwork began. While the road is newly paved, the patches are numerous...

"As residents of that area, I don't think we should have to put up with it," said Lake Arthur resident Cletis Dugas.

The road was in bad shape before construction began, and Dugas says the process was slow.

"They actually pulled up a bunch of it and left for about two or three weeks and then came back," said Dugas.

But the crew did finish the job.

"They finally completed it," said Dugas. "It wasn't the best job I've ever seen, but they had it complete."

According to Dugas, within days of it being completed, the repairs began.

"Later, they came back in with a machine that starts tearing up the asphalt and they cut up a bunch of it," said Dugas.

One hundred twenty-one patches to be exact according to Dugas, and he says he probably missed a few. Officials with the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) say the overlay material contained contaminates including rocks and dry patches which would eventually cause potholes. They say the structure is sound and the problems are just visual, but Dugas says the job is sub-par.

"I'm a carpenter, I do this, carpenter work for a living," said Dugas. "And if I built cabinets and hung trim the way they did that road, nobody would pay me."

The DOTD plans to bring the contractor back in to diamond grind the surface patches. This will make the patches blend in and not noticeable.

Officials with DOTD checked on the road's condition Tuesday afternoon. They say the patches are just surface patches, only a few inches deep...but they do plan on getting the contracting company back on the highway as soon as possible to fix the problems.

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