Wheel chair lift out of service at Beauregard Courthouse

That wheel chair lift at the Beauregard Parish courthouse has been broken for nearly four weeks now.

We first told you about problems with the lift in January 2011, when a woman with severe emphysema demonstrated difficulties she had with the lift and trying to scale the stairs of the old courthouse.

More recently,  the lift went out around February 22 and it's apparently been causing a lot of problems.

In some cases, court hearings had to be rescheduled because a witness or party couldn't get to the courtroom.  And at least once there were reportedly people upstairs in the courthouse, who couldn't get downstairs, because the lift wouldn't work.

Police jury officials say at first they were told they could not get the part needed for repairs so they were looking at replacing the lift. Then a technician said they can get the part.  Beauregard Secretary Treasurer Tayra DeHoven says the part for the lift is expected to be here any day and repairs made.

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