Medical Wrap: Week of March 16, 2012

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From the announcement of the world's first successful surgery on a fetus to a controversial anti-smoking campaign, here's a wrap of this week's top medical stories.

Breakthrough Surgery:

Doctors in Spain said they performed the world's first fetal surgery.  The doctors said they successfully operated to fix the blocked bronchial tube of a fetus.

The procedure was actually performed in 2010, but wasn't unveiled until this week. Eleven weeks after the surgery, the patient was born weighing five and a half pounds. The baby girl is now 16 months old and was shown off to the public for the first time.

Vasectomies and March Madness:

Men are advised to take it easy after undergoing a vasectomy. So there's little coincidence that doctors see a surge in the number of vasectomies as March Madness is in full swing!

Men know they'll be icing "that area" on the couch, so they decide to do it when they can be entertained with back-to-back college basketball games! In fact, the number of scheduled vasectomies jumps 50 percent the week the NCAA tournament begins.

Vasectomies also are more prevalent just before the Super Bowl as well.

Controversial Anti-Smoking Campaign:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is releasing a new ad campaign highlighting the dangers of smoking.

THe ads feature real stories of Americans living with smoking-related diseases and physical ailments. The eye-opening campaign is meant to highlight the devastating effects of tobacco use.

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