Boustany "furious" at Veterans officials

Boustany "furious" at Veterans officials for delay of clinics

Military veterans have long awaited a new medical clinic in Lake Charles, but it's being delayed. A letter from the Veterans administration to Congressman Charles Boustany says there was a bureaucratic mistake dealing with the bid proposals for the clinics in Lake Charles and Lafayette.

Boustany is furious and seeking a meeting with the Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington D.C.  Mistakes made that now require them to repeat the process of seeking proposals. He hoped the clinic would open this year or next. But now another delay of at least a year. "This is just unacceptable. And for those who have waited and have worked, they've organized, they've been patient, it's absolutely wrong. You cannot treat our veterans that way," said Boustany.

Boustany was in Jennings for a town hall meeting during which he gave an overview of his priorities--such as what he calls Medicare's "unsustainable path" and the "tidal wave of debt."  "We're basically telling our children and our grandchildren, 'you're gonna owe China, and Japan and other foreign countries all this borrowed money,"said Boustany.

He also heard concerns from constituents. Former State Senator Jerry Theunissen talked about the need for an energy policy. He favors the Keystone pipeline.  Said Theunissen, "That's something that could be done in a hurry and also help reduction of the price at the pump."

Boustany agreed.  "It would create 20,000 new construction jobs and God knows how many thousands of jobs on the Gulf Coast in our refineries here in Louisiana and Texas. And yet the Obama administration is intent on shutting that project down. They've blocked it after it's been studied to death. That means the oil in Canada will have to be shipped by truck which is very expensive to get it to our Gulf Coast refineries. And the Canadian prime minister said, 'If you all don't want our oil, we're gonna send it to China. We'll send it to Asia.' That doesn't help American energy security."

Boustany is up for re-election in November. When Louisiana lost a congressional seat the 7th District, which he represents now,  became part of District 3.  The process threw Boustany and current District 3 Congressman Jeff Landry into what will be the new District 3.  It's likely Landry will also run, though he's not yet made an official announcement.

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