Gulf Coast Economic Restoration update

The following is a Press Release from the BP Gulf Update:

BP has engaged in a variety of efforts to assist the Gulf's economies since the oil spill of 2010.  In a new video, Geir Robinson, Vice President of Economic Restoration for BP's Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, discusses BP's commitments and payments as well as his thoughts on economic recovery throughout the region.

"From the very beginning, our commitment to economic recovery in the Gulf has focused on paying all legitimate claims, helping the tourism industry and providing money to promote and test seafood," says Robinson, who notes that BP has paid $8.1 billion in economic restoration payments to date.

Based in Houston but a frequent traveller to the impacted states, Robinson says he is encouraged by what he hears from officials across the Gulf.

"While BP is not the expert on tourism or recovery, according to tourism bureaus the Gulf Coast economies have largely recovered from the effects of the spill. While there are exceptions, many areas had a record year for tourism in 2011."

Robinson, who moved in May 2010 from London to Houston to lead BP's claims efforts, has spent time in each of the Gulf  states over the past nearly two years and has been impressed by the people and culture of the region.   "While there is more to do, the recovery to date is a testament to the resiliency of the Gulf,"  he says.

To view the video of the Gulf Coast Economic Restoration Update [CLICK HERE]