March 14, 2012 - John Comeaux

John Comeaux served just four months in the Philippines during World War 2, but still has haunting memories of the war-torn country.  Comeaux served on the front lines, as the U.S. tried to reclaim the Philippines from the Japan.

"Aw, it was rough," said Comeaux.  "Sometimes it would be bad and then other times, it would just be regular old stuff."

Comeaux remembers horrible jungle fighting.  He says the Japanese were tough opponents.

"It's horrible.  Sometimes, they'd be right on you and then you wake up and you'd have to start all over again."

In fact, Comeaux was sent on a hospital boat and doesn't remember most of the trip home.

"They called it shell-shocked back then.  I don't know what they call it now.  I stayed in the hospital in Tennessee for a couple of months, I guess."

His wife Lola says the war changed her husband.

"After he was back, if he was going hunting with guys, if they got the first shot, then that would ruin him," said Lola Comeaux.  "He would hit the ground."

However, Comeaux went on to be a civilian gunsmith at U.S. military installations like Fort Leonard Wood and Fort Polk.  He's now retired and cares for a fruit orchard off Tank Farm Rd.

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