National Hurricane Museum gaining support from SWLA

National Hurricane Museum

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The $70-million National Hurricane Museum and Science Center project is inching its way closer to becoming a reality in Southwest Louisiana with support from the surrounding areas.

"We've had just some really generous people from this region," Gray Stream, Board Chairman said.

Stream said the status of the museum is still in the fundraising stage. The board has collected almost half a million dollars in a little over six months from generous supporters of the project.

"It's folks that say 'I'm ready to make this happen and make this idea a reality,'" Stream said.

Stream said the most difficult task ahead of them is getting the rest of the country to decide it wants to make a major capital investment in the project.

"This is really visionary. It's a really ambitious project and so it has a good opportunity to really differentiate itself," he said.

He said by gaining more support from the people it will help the National Hurricane Museum and Science Center become a reality.

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