Rescues underway in Church Point after massive flooding

Rescues underway after massive flooding in Church Point

CHURCH POINT, LA (KPLC) - Major flooding puts four Louisiana parishes under a state of emergency, including Acadia Parish. That's where the rising waters required emergency rescues and forced some residents to seek higher ground.

"Trying to get home. Trying to get home. Not possible right now," said Tim Jones.

Jones and his five kids are among a lot of residents on the south side who are stranded after more than nine inches of rain overwhelmed roads and highways.

"The waters came up faster than people expected. We got a lot of water in a short amount of time," said Jeremey Higginbotham, Church Point Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief.

The only way in and out is by boat. Church Point Volunteer Firefighters have been assisting with rescuing residents and getting them home.

"It's been non-stop since early this morning. Right here just trying to give a helping hand," said Higginbotham. "Earlier today we helped rescue 15 children from a daycare and get them to the command center at the hospital for their parents to pick them up."

The crisis is the result of an area rich with bayous and streams. Church Point Mayor Roger Boudreaux said it will take about a day to several days for the waters to go down in some areas.

"It's backed up everywhere. You can expect an inch every six hours to drain. We caught nine inches in a matter of eight hours - it has no where to go and it's like everybody is catching - so it's the same problem," said Mayor Boudreaux.

With nothing else to do Derek Bellard walked through the knee deep waters to sight see.

"I was just checking out everything to see how deep it was for my family... And they are not going to work. I seriously doubt it," said Bellard.

As they wait for the waters to recede, the threat of more rain has residents fearing they could be in for more problems.

"Because if the gullies back up too much water may come up high in our subdivision and there is the possibility it may get in the house," said Jones.

"Hopefully it stops raining and doesn't come into the house. I don't have a problem with being outside it can flood for all it wants, just not inside the house," said Bellard.

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