Witnesses in double shooting, stabbing relive horror

Witness to N Cherry St. double shooting and stabbing

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The witnesses in the double shooting and stabbing on North Cherry Street relive the traumatic few moments last week when  one person was shot to death and three others were injured.

The shooting death of Joshua Frank, 27, happened Tuesday, March 6, at the same location a second person, Rokeshia Vital-Guillory, 33, was shot in the face and her sister, Robbie Vital-Watson, was stabbed.

There were five people inside the Cherry Street home when  gunman Felton Watson, 29, started the attack, police and witnesses say.

"I was in the front bedroom sleeping. Felton first came at Rokeshia's mother Norma Vital Edwards, with a gun, but Rokeshia stepped in the way and took the first shot," witness and boyfriend of Guillory, Darrell Offord, said. "Josh, Rokeshia's mom Norma Vital-Edwards and Rokeshia were sitting on the couch and Felton's wife, Robbie, was in the back room."

According to Offord, his friend, Joshua Frank, had come over to visit him that Tuesday.

"When Rokeshia was shot, Josh tried to get to the door to open it but Felton just shot him," Offord said. "I was in the room still, so everything up until this point Norma told me."

Offord also said Felton turned the gun on her, but it jammed.

Offord said he didn't really hear anything until the second shot. He said he came out to look. Offord said he saw Felton struggling with his wife, Robbie, in the kitchen.

"He had something in his hand, now I know it was a knife. Robbie was holding on pretty tight and that's how she got cuts on her hand and a few on her chest area," Offord said.

According to Offord, Watson then turned his attention to him but he jumped out the front bedroom window and called 911.

Carjacking victim Teddy Jackson told KPLC that he was attempting to access I-10 in order to pick up his sister from work.

Jackson said that a man running from the trees opened his SUV and started struggling to carjack the GMC Envoy. Jackson said Watson pistol-whipped him, took him out the vehicle and drove away.

The SUV was found abandoned at Walgreens on 14th Street in Lake Charles.

Watson had fled to the Howard Johnson hotel on Broad Street in Lake Charles where he had a standoff with police for three hours.

In the end, Watson was captured and taken in. Officials said Watson started to have seizures during their questioning and admitted to ingesting a large amount of drugs before he was captured. Watson was pronounced dead Saturday, March 11, 2012.

Authorities are waiting to confirm cause of death with the coroner's office.

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