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"Pink Punk Day" for lung cancer awareness

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It is not every day that you will see the staff at a high school with hot pink hair and punk rock clothes!  But Friday at Barbe High School, it was a sight that could not be missed!

Students there started collecting money for lung cancer awareness and research after they got back from their Mardi Gras break. An extra incentive to raise the money was that everyone in the front office would show their "punk power" if students raised more than $4,000.

These go-getter students are now at $8,000 and counting!  It is an amazing outpouring of support that hits close to home for one student, 11th grader Katie Henning.  "One of my lifelong friends, Mr. Ben Mount, passed away this past winter and I just wanted to do whatever I could to try to help get more people involved to raise money to stop lung cancer," she said.

The money raised will be donated to the local Free to Breathe chapter and will be used to help fund research for lung cancer. 

Jillian Nunez is the girls' P.E. coach at Barbe and the official leader in the fundraising efforts.  Her classes have donated a total of $2,500.  "It's just the feeling they get to give, because every time they hand us money and donate money I explain to them: you're saving lives and they get excited about that and they really understand the cause and why they're donating," she said. 

Nunez lost her grandfather to lung cancer and says that is one of the driving forces behind her push to give.

Every school in Calcasieu Parish is helping to raise money for Free to Breathe with ideas that can be duplicated anywhere - like a jeans day for $1 or concession stand donations.

You can also get involved by making plans to attend the 4th annual Free to Breathe Lake Charles Lung Cancer 5K Run and 1 Mile Walk.  This year's event is in memory of Ben Mount, who recently lost his battle with lung cancer.  It is in honor of Cindy Hornsby - who is still fighting her own battle today.

All proceeds will benefit the Louisiana Lung Cancer Partnership's research, education and awareness programs.

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Reported by: Britney Glaser

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