Nationwide study on hip surgery lands in Lake Charles

A nationwide clinical study on a hip implant device is being conducted in Lake Charles with the help of a local clinic and its patients.  The 10 year clinical study on the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure has five national research sites, including Center for Orthopaedics.

42-year-old Jeff Keenum is feeling great today, but three years ago - the story was very different.  "When you can't get comfortable sitting down in a recliner or to stay still for any length of time, it's just a miserable condition to be in," he said.

Keenum's supervisor at the Lake Charles Police Department encouraged him to see a doctor and when he did, they found he did not have the protective cartilage he needed in both hips.  "The pain was too great and I elected a week before my 40th birthday to have the surgery done," he said.

Doctor John Noble with the Center for Orthopaedics performed the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing on Keenum.  It is an alternative to total hip replacement that preserves the bone.  "We're preserving the femoral neck and the femoral head," said Dr. Noble, "with a total hip replacement, we make a cut on the bone and then there's a stem that goes into the thigh bone."

This procedure is ideal for younger, active patients and was only approved in the United States six years ago.

The approval, though, came with the stipulation that clinical studies must follow - and this clinic is one of only five sites across the country asked to participate.  "In order for us to do it in the United States, the FDA required a post approval study, so the plan is to have a group of 400 patients and to follow them over 10 years to make sure that it's a safe and reliable procedure," said Noble.

It is a big honor to be selected for the study and the results will help patients like Keenum ensure quality of care for patients in the future.  "They're hoping that these implants last for 30 years, which would put me in my early 70s," said Keenum, "I guess we'll just cross that bridge when we get there. I know it's much better than to have continued to experience the pain."

Enrollment is still open for this 10 year clinical study. If you have had a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing and would like to participate, call CFO at 312-8405.

Reported by: Britney Glaser

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