Serie Trial: Defendant pleads guilty

Serie pleads guilty to vehicular homicide

JEFF DAVIS PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Coach Roy Serie has pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide. He spoke briefly just before he walked into the courthouse saying, "I know it's a long time for the Cox family and I hadn't had a chance to address nobody. But I"d like to say to the Cox family, to Ms. Beth Zilbert and especially to the son Gavin that there's nothing I could say or do that's gonna change what has happened. I've made a mistake and there's consequences for it and justice will be served and I'm going to let justice do it for my part and the same thing for my wife and their family, my kids too, so that's all I got to say."

It was May 5, 2010 when the deadly crash occurred off Highway 165.  Serie's wife Sheila was killed along with and Shannon Cox, who was driving the vehicle he hit in a head-on collision. Zilbert survived but was severely injured.

Before he was sentenced Zilbert was allowed to read a victim impact statement while accompanied by her therapy dog Luke.  Zilbert said a truly repentant person would have admitted guilt as soon as possible instead of waiting two years. "I think everyone has to remember that all of us, no matter how good we are, if Mother Teresa had made the same choices that Roy Serie did that day. She would also have to face the consequences of those actions. Perhaps though, Mother Teresa would have pled guilty immediately."

A blood test,  after the crash,  found Serie had THC, the drug found in marijuana, in his system at a level that would cause impairment.

Following Serie's plea the judge sentenced him to ten years in prison with all but seven suspended.  The first three years will be at hard labor without chance of parole. His punishment also includes a fine of $1000.

Jeff Davis D.A. Mike Cassidy dismissed the other charges against the now former coach and teacher at Ville Platte High School.

Serie's daughter, who lost her mother in the crash, began sobbing as her father was taken away by deputies. Said Zilbert, "I'm sorry for Mr. Serie's daughter. I'm very sorry for her. And I hope she find some way to find joy in life again as well."

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