LCPD arrests suspect of double shooting

Double Shooting in North LC

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A double shooting in North Lake Charles sends three victims to the emergency room. Lake Charles Police arrested the suspect after a stand-off at a downtown hotel.

Around 3:15 p.m. Tuesday, March 6, LCPD received a call about a shooting on the 200 block of North Lake Charles on North Cherry Street.

"When we responded, we had multiple victims, at least one male and one female," LC Police Chief Donald Dixon said.

The victims were sent to the emergency room, but the suspect didn't stop there.

"That same suspect involved in this left here and several blocks away carjacked a car and pistol whipped that individual and took the vehicle," Dixon said.

The victim from the carjacking was also sent to the emergency room.

The suspect fled in the stolen vehicle. Continuing on a search that lead LCPD to the Howard Johnson Inn on Broad Street in Lake Charles, where the suspect was hiding.

Deputy Chief Mark Kraus said after negotiating with the armed suspect and asking him to surrender, city police had to use a different method.

"We were able to engage the suspect in the use of a less than lethal tear gas," Kraus said. "Once that happened and unfolded, it took about three to four minutes for the suspect to peacefully surrender."

The suspect was arrested and the charges have not been made public.

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