550 students compete in 2012 Literary Extravaganza

2012 Literary Extravaganza

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - More than 550 students from 21 different schools in Calcasieu Parish and Jennings competed at The 2012 Literary Extravaganza.

Students competed in the areas of math, english, science, social studies, spelling, and art.

The overall school division winners were T.S. Cooley Elementary for the elementary school division and S.J. Welsh Middle School for the middle school division.

The Lake Charles Pan-Hellenic Council has hosted the 2012 Literary Extravaganza for more than 20 years.

The Pan-Hellenic council consists of nine African American Greek sororities and fraternities: Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Beta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Rho, and Iota Phi Theta.

According to Wikipedia:

"The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is a collaborative organization of nine historically African American, international Greek lettered fraternities and sororities. The nine NPHC organizations are sometimes collectively referred to as the "Divine Nine". The council promotes interaction through forums, meetings and other mediums for the exchange of information and engages in cooperative programming and initiatives through various activities and functions.

Each constituent member organization determines its own strategic direction and program agenda. Today, the primary purpose and focus of member organizations remains camaraderie and academic excellence for its members and service to the communities they serve. Each promotes community awareness and action through educational, economic, and cultural service activities."

Lake Charles Pan – Hellenic Council

Literary Extravaganza

Grade/Subject Winners

English 3rd Grade

1st Jacob Joubert – T. S. Cooley Elementary

2nd Jamie Simpson – T. S. Cooley Elementary

3rd Tiffani Ceasar – Fairview Elementary

English 4th Grade

1st  Emily Walker – Dolby Elementary

2nd Isaac Broussard – Nelson Elementary

3rd Isabella Thomas – Fairview Elementary

English 5th Grade

1st Kendall Belle – Oak Park Elementary

2nd Ali Davis – Dolby Elementary

3rd Madison Shaw – Dolby Elementary

English 6th Grade

1st  Kryslyn Jordan – LC Charter Academy

2nd Julia Papania – S. J. Welsh Middle

3rd Angel Tomlin – Oak Park Middle

English 7th Grade

1st Darlene Johnson – F. K. White Middle

2nd Aleesha Vallare – Oak Park Middle

3rd Brianna Stevens – Reynaud Middle

English 8th Grade

1st Macy McElveen – S. J. Welsh Middle

2nd Marsha Blount – F. K. White Middle

3rd Sjontavious Fountaine – Reynaud Middle


Lake Charles Pan – Hellenic Council

Literary Extravaganza

Grade/Subject Winners

Social Studies 3rd Grade

1st Amara Guillory – College Oak Elementary

2nd Arion Friddle – Oak Park Elementary

3rd Cameron Vincent – T. S. Cooley Elementary

Social Studies 4th Grade

1st  Alainia Bartie – Barbe Elementary

2nd Braden Miles – T. S. Cooley Elementary

3rd Amariah Wilson – Barbe Elementary

Social Studies 5th Grade

1st Grant Caldwell – T. S. Cooley Elementary

2nd Brandon Williams – Oak Park Elementary

3rd Caitlyn Wilson – College Oaks Elementary

Social Studies 6th Grade

1st  Tyler Simien – LC Charter Academy

2nd Taylor Simon – Oak Park Middle

3rd Loleater Jefferson - Reynaud

Social Studies 7th Grade

1st Anne M. Abraham – S. J. Welsh Middle

2nd Chad Erwin – S. J. Welsh Middle

3rd Billy Faucet – Reynaud Middle

Social Studies 8th Grade

1st Morgan Dellafosse – F. K. White Middle

2nd Xavier Dillard – Oak Park Middle

3rd Diante Matthews  - Molo Middle


Lake Charles Pan – Hellenic Council

Literary Extravaganza

Grade/Subject Winners

Art 3rd Grade

1st Lillie Lewis – Brentwood Elementary

2nd Malachia Kennison – Dolby Elementary

3rd Alasia Alexander – Brentwood Elementary

Art 4th Grade

1st Brant Courville – T. S. Cooley

2nd Rayonna Landry - Brentwood

3rd Asya Mann – Pearl Watson

Art 5th Grade

1st Alexandria Albrecht – T. S. Cooley

2nd Jada Williams - Brentwood

3rd Elonica Stinson - Brentwood

Art 6th Grade

1st Angel Tomlin – Oak Park Middle

2nd Kamryn LeBlanc – Oak Park Middle

3rd Sarah Winters – S. J. Welsh

Art 7th Grade

1st Makayla Slidell – Oak Park Middle

2nd Kijah George – Oak Park Middle

3rd Javonnta Taylor - Reynaud

Art 8th Grade

1st Yash Patel – Oak Park Middle

2nd Heidi Perez – S. J. Welsh

3rd Dylen Booth – F. K. White


Lake Charles Pan – Hellenic Council

Literary Extravaganza

Grade/Subject Winners

Math 3rd Grade

1st Andrew Wang-T. S. Cooley Elementary

2nd Isaac Fritz-T. S. Cooley Elementary

3rd Adian Doyle-Dolby Elementary

Math 4th Grade

1st Ruhee Marfathia-A.A. Nelson Elementary

2nd Brendon Guillory-T.S. Cooley Elementary

3rd Chayce Wing-T. S. Cooley Elementary

Math 5th Grade

1st Kevin Cagnolatti-T. S. Cooley Elementary

2nd Blake Fagan-A. A. Nelson Elementary

3rd Taryn White-Fairview Elementary

Math 6th Grade

1st Pierce Breaux-Our Lady's School Sulphur

2nd Briaunna Simpson-Molo Middle

3rd Sydney Landry-Lake Charles Charter Academy

Math 7th Grade

1st Tyler Blank-S. J. Welsh Middle School

2nd Tyjanae Green-Reynaud Middle School

3rd Sierra Batist-Reynaud Middle School

Math 8th Grade

1st Kourtlyn Richard-Our Lady's School Sulphur

2ndDevin Smith-Molo Middle School

3rd Deonte Gibson-Molo Middle School


Lake Charles Pan – Hellenic Council

Literary Extravaganza

Grade/Subject Winners

Science 3rd Grade

1st Ivan Appleton-T. S. Cooley Elementary

2nd Andrew Yen-T. S. Cooley Elementary

3rd Noah Scarborough-Our Lady Immaculate Jennings

Science 4th Grade

1st Haden DeVilbiss-T. S. Cooley Elementary

2nd Kade Fontenot- Our Lady Immaculate Jennings

3rd Khloe Foreman-Henry Heights Elementary

Science 5th Grade

1st Stephen Mesuch-T. S. Cooley Elementary

2nd Elijah Taylor-Fairview Elementary

3rd Benjamin Reid-Dolby Elementary

Science 6th Grade

1st Jessica Boone-Reynaud Middle

2nd Farmina Islam-F.K. White

3rd Jean-Luc Darbeau-S. J. Welsh

Science 7th Grade

1st Julia Kingsley-S. J. Welsh Middle School

2nd Damien Marcas-F.K. Middle School

3rd Joy Tyler-Molo Middle School

Science 8th Grade

1st Narisse Darbeau-S.J. Welsh

2ndJeremy Melton-F.K. Middle School

3rd Mitchell Guy-Oak Park Middle School


Lake Charles Pan – Hellenic Council

Literary Extravaganza

Grade/Subject Winners

Spelling 3rd Grade

1st Kinnidy Grace-Lake Charles Charter Academy

2nd Sabrina Griffin-Dolby Elementary

3rd Brittney Cunningham-Brentwood Elementary

Spelling 4th Grade

1st Jordyn Garriet-Henry Heights Elementary

2nd Anna Waldrop-T.S. Cooley Elementary

3rd Taylan Levine-Pearl Watson Elementary

Spelling 5th Grade

1st Aman Khan-A.A. Nelson Elementary

2nd Zoria Deville-T.S. Cooley Elementary

3rd Johnny Clark-College Oaks Elementary

Spelling 6th Grade

1st Tayler Trahan-Oak Park Middle

2nd Raven LeBlanc-F.K. White Middle

3rd Gabe Williams-Lake Charles Charter Academy

Spelling 7th Grade

1st Ludwig Colimon-S. J. Welsh Middle School

2nd Ali Khan-S. J. Welsh Middle School

3rd Teresa Moore-Oak Park Middle School

Spelling 8th Grade

1st Shaniya Griffin-Molo Middle School

2ndAmariah Joseph-F.K. White Middle School

3rd Raven Gibbs-Molo Middle School

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