Keeping Brennan's dream alive

Keeping Brennan's dream alive

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - He may have lost his battle with cancer back in May but Brennan Daigle is still touching the lives of the community. Saturday friends and family continue to honor his legacy on what would have been his 11th birthday.

Colors for a Cause took their message and pink fire and army trucks to the streets of Westlake to raise money for childhood cancer.

"Brennan's vision was basically that we do something like this. So we have taken the ball and ran with it," said Teri Gilland, Colors For a Cause.

During his battle with cancer Brennan inspired others to take on the fight. The Westlake native would have been 11 years old on Tuesday. His mother said keeping his dream alive and helping others is important.

"Brennan is probably in heaven right now just saying - go colors, keep my legacy going. Just do it for the kids that are still fighting," said Kristy Daigle. "We just want to help out other families that are going through what we went through with Brennan. And just really give back to the community and to those who have helped us."

So far Brennan's Brigade and Colors For a Cause have helped more than 20 families make ends meet during the hard times.

"A lot of them quit their jobs and take care of their families or take care of their treatments and we help them with the bills that still keep coming in. You know they still have house notes to pay, they still have car notes to pay. They've got groceries to buy. They've got travel expenses. So we are helping them with whatever we can to make it easier," said Gilland.

Gilland said the army is only getting stronger. The public can expect to see more pink rolling through in the near future.

"We are going to get a pink police car in the near future. Eventually we hope to have a whole fleet of these and be able to travel all over the state of Louisiana. We are scheduled and have a lot of events scheduled this year. Every weekend is taken up. We'll be all over the place. Just look for us."

To keep up with Colors For a Cause or to find out how you can get involved click here.

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