$700,000 medical clinic proposed for CPPJ employees

CPPJ Medical Clinic

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Calcasieu Parish Police Jury is establishing its own health clinic for employees to manage health in a more cost effective way.

Director of Finance Jerry Milner said he hopes employees who don't have a primary care physician come to the clinic to get the care they need before letting their health situation get out of hand.

"They go to the emergency room which is a higher cost to us," Milner said. And a higher cost to tax payers.

The new clinic which plans to open in Jan. 2013, will cost about $700,000 to establish. It will be in an existing building that just needs to be modified for a health clinic.

Milner said in the long-run it will save tax payer dollars by cutting down on other health care facility costs. The co-pay for Police Jury employees will be lower and dependents will still be covered with their plan.

"Our goal is to reduce tax payer costs," Milner said. "We try to do everything we can, but our costs keep escalating. So our goal is to try to do something different to get different results."

Milner said the medical clinic will just be a low-cost alternative for employees, but just a way to effectively manage health.

"Reduce our future health care costs by reducing those claims in the future by managing our health in a more effective manner now," he said.

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