Defendant known for prolific letter writing getting out of jail

Gerald Debarge is a defendant whose mouth has been taped shut before in court and who is serving time for contempt of court for cursing in court.  He has also gained notoriety for his prolific letter writing to various individuals and businesses in the community.  Two letters resulted in stalking charges against Debarge.

Debarge was in a lengthy hearing on Thursday, on a defense motion to throw out various charges including numerous violations of a protective order covering one of his ex-wives.

Debarge's court appointed attorney, Ben Cormier,  argued Debarge was not properly served with the order, but after testimony from several witnesses,  Judge David Ritchie said he believes Debarge was trying to avoid the deputy trying serve the papers.

After a brief recess Debarge agreed to a  deal which allows him to plead no contest to misdemeanor violation of a protective order.   Ritchie explained the plea form to him for which he will likely receive a 6 month suspended sentence and 2 years probation,  after he finishing his sentence for contempt of court.

Debarge will also have to agree to reciprocal stay away order from his ex-wife and her family and possibly one woman who filed stalking charges.  The stay away order concerning his ex-wife and her family will be reciprocal in that they will have to stay away from him too.

As court was wrapping up, the defense asked and the judge agreed to reduce the jail sentence Debarge got for contempt of court. Debarge would have stayed in jail until May 13 of 2013 but Ritchie has agreed to let him out of jail on Friday after his charges are resolved.

Formal sentencing and issuance of a permanent stay away order is set for 10:30 a.m. Friday before Judge Ritchie.

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