February 29, 2012 - Skyliar Motichek

It was July 3, 2010 when Skyliar Motichek was attending a family Independence Day party in Ruston, when he heard cries for help.  It seems Skyliar's little brother, Parker, was found underwater in a swimming pool and he wasn't moving.

"He fell in and Miss Donna saw him and was trying to help, but she had her daughter and she was calling for help so I jumped in and got him out," said Skyliar.

The adult in the pool had another child with her and couldn't get Parker out.  That's when she called for help and Skyliar dove in.

Jason Modisette heard screams and quickly rushed to the scene.

"We heard the screaming of a child and we knew right away it was ours," said James. "When I ran through the gate, the first thing I saw was Skyliar coming out of the pool with Parker.  Then I saw how severe it was."

His mother, Toni Modisette is thankful Skyliar was there.

"I thank God that Skyliar was there at the right place at the right time," recalled Toni.  "I don't know where he was or if he was right there when it all happened when it actually took place, or just heard someone hollering for help.  I'm glad his instincts kicked in to help."

Once out of the water, Parker started coughing and spitting out water and is fine today.

"I was a little scared after it," said Skyliar.  "But anyone would be after that."

For his quick action, Skyliar Motichek of Troop 88 in Westlake was awarded the Heroism Award.... presented by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America for putting into practice his Scouting skills and ideals.

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