Leap Year birthdays are celebrated

Leap Year Birthdays

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Leap Year happens every four years, and for some Lake area residents it's a much anticipated birthday.

Lake Charles resident Richard Baggett works for AFI Mortgage and finally turns 13 years old, in Leap years.

"I'm a teenager and like most teenagers I have my hair highlighted...gray. And no pimples," Baggett joked.

His birthday happens every four years. Thirteen multiplied by four makes him 52 years old.

"I was the brunt of most of the jokes," Baggett said about growing up with a Leap Year birthday. "They would say 'Hey Rich is too young to go with us. Rich is 3 years old.' I was trying to get my driver's license and they were like 'dude, you're not even 4 yet."

But for Moss Bluff resident Janie Lunn, it's a birthday she has been waiting for. She is finally 4 Leap years old.

"I've actually waited to turn 16 for so long and since it's on Leap Year, it's like that much better," Lunn said.

It was a normal day for her except she got her driver's license and was able to drive herself to school and home in her own car.

"It's exciting because I had a real birthday to get it," Lunn said.

Many other Leap Year birthdays were celebrated. At least three babies were born in the Lake area on Leap Day 2012.

Happy birthday to all Leap Year babies!

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