LCPD weighs in on noise ordinance change

LC Police weigh in on noise ordinance change

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Lake Charles City Council heard more possible solutions about changes to the City's noise ordinance. The call for changes stems from complaints of loud music from tenants living near Luna Bar and Grill and Luna Live.

Lake Charles Police told the council they've looked at the current ordinance and feel they need to simplify and clearly define what is already on the books. They say it's a problem communities across the country are experiencing and believe they can assist in coming up with something that will work.

"I'll admit it's a work in progress. But at some point it's got to be somebody's opinion. And I think what we are showing here is that if it is plainly audible, which means if you can hear it. - it's a violation and that's a starting point. I don't think that there is any ordinance that we can write that would make both parties to this issue happy. I think we could make one of them happy. I think we can make both of them mad, but I don't think we can make both of them happy," said Deputy Chief Joel Smith, LCPD.

Lake Charles Police plan to meet with both parties and come up with a compromise. Meanwhile the City is working to have a recommendation for the Council by the next agenda meeting.

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