Local high school students catch glimpse of engineering

McNeese Engineering week

This week is engineering week at McNeese State University, and that means big opportunities for area high school students.

Tuesday, over 400 students from 16 high schools toured the engineering department at McNeese for a glimpse into the different fields of the job.

Students watched and participated in experiments in all the different areas of engineering including chemical, electrical and mechanical.

Engineering majors Niki Cooper and Jacques Benoit both say they wish they would have had the same opportunity during their high school years.

"It's a way to relate to them and show them what they could do and the potential that they have," said Cooper. "I remember whenever I was that young and I was so naive and I didn't know what to do. It's a good way to ground yourself as well."

"The hard thing for me, I wanted to, I knew I wanted to," said Benoit. "But I didn't know what I wanted to do. So that kind of made me reconsider becoming an engineer. Throughout the time I've learned what we do and that's made me choose to stay in it."

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