New high school planned for the lake area

New lake area high school

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - It's been a long process, but Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School will soon be expanding their system.

The new expansion of the school has been a lengthy and difficult process for both school officials and the board of trustees.

But the hard work has paid off. The school recently acquired property and hope to start work soon.

It will be called their "south campus" and head of school Frances "Boo" Kay couldn't be more excited.

"I love to build," said Kay. "I can't wait to be there. It can't happen fast enough for me. Just really excited about the expansion of our school."

The south campus will include a high school as well as sixth through eighth grade, which is currently at their downtown location. Finalizing plans and locating property hasn't been easy.

"It's been a many years long labor of love for a lot of us to do a lot of research and seek out the best location and determine what it is our community is looking for in a college prep high school," said  board of trustees chairman Mary Werner.

In recent months the school has secured a location. They chose south Lake Charles due to space needed and the environment the piece of property displays. The lot is off of Big Lake Road adjacent to the Graywood community.

"As the program builds out over many years, we expect it to be a beautiful campus," said Werner. "So that piece of property was very difficult to find, but we're just thrilled with the one we found."

The school is currently in its planning and development stages and according to Werner, board members are looking for the right architect to lead them through the project they hope will impact the community.

"We look forward to adding to the great community and being a hallmark of a community that really concentrates and values education," said Werner.

Kay says it's hard to grasp that the end is in sight.

"It's almost unbelievable to have it come to fruition and have it so close that it's almost tangible," said Kay. "You can feel it in the atmosphere around the school. There's a buzz in the community."

She also hopes that the addition of a high school in the lake area will encourage others and lead them towards improvement.

"If you raise the bar, everyone comes up with you," said Kay. "I think that's what we're hoping to do, is that we'll have a collaborative environment with the schools we already work with."

Right now, there is no time frame for when ground will be broken and the construction will begin.

Once construction is completed, the plans are to move the middle school grades to the south campus.

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