Former juvenile talks about problems at skate-park

Former juvenile talks about problems at skate park

VINTON, LA (KPLC) - The Town of Vinton remains firm on its decision to shut down the skate park located on Vincent Street due to the latest fighting incident.

"It isn't like there are no other options available to these children," Ward 7 Recreation Center Manager James "Bill" McCardle said. "The problem here is that those children who are behaving unruly prefer places where there is no adult supervision."

KPLC caught up with Joshua McMillon who said he remembered being that youngster who wanted to get into something. His parent wouldn't allow it, so the best place to go was the skate park.

"No one's around. You could do whatever you want," McMillon said.

At the recreation center, both children and adults can take part in numerous team sports, such as baseball, basketball, football and soccer. In the summer months swimming is an option.

"And, of course, all of these activities are supervised," Vinton Chief of Police Ricky Fox said.

Fox said since taking office in 2005, he has received at least 200 complaints about the skate park activities.

The park will remain closed until May 21. At that time, the town council will decide whether or not to reopen it.

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