Tee Mamou Iota Mardi Gras tradition continues

Tee Mamou Mardi Gras tradition continues

They were up at dawn shattering the morning quiet with whoops and hollering to bring in the Mardi Gras.

First stop, Frey's house where they chase chickens and beg for coins to buy fixins for the feast.

And if they're scary to bystanders, well just think how much scarier they are to the chickens.

Soon after the wagon rolls here to Roonie Fruge's. They sing that old Mardi Gras song Roonie says must be 400 years old.

There's always time for a little music and two steppin', more begging for money and, well with all their antics the captain has his work cut out for him to keep 'em all in line.

And so they re-fuel, so to speak, and hit the road again.

Eventually they wind up here in Iota where the fun is in full swing. Plenty to eat, drink and dance until your feet beg for mercy.

And of course this is also where the young Mardi Gras revelers who will carry on the tradition get their training.

And so the good times roll and roll some more at the 25 th Anniversary Tee Mamou Iota Mardi Gras Folk life Festival.  And if you missed it this year you'll have to wait until next year because it ended at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

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