Resident speaks out about downtown noise

City Council Addresses Downtown Noise

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Residents share a wall with the downtown entertainment venue Luna Live and complained about the volume of the noise.

Resident Ashli Waldrep said her loft apartment shares a wall with Luna Live and the music coming from the venue would last as late as 3 a.m., and cause things to rattle on the walls.

"We just ask that the noise be turned down just to a reasonable level," Waldrep said.

Waldrep and her fiance have lived in the loft apartment just above Luna Live for close to six years and she said they have never had problems with noise until now.

"We are so supportive of downtown and the music scene," Waldrep said. "We don't want Luna Live to close early. We don't want them to lose money. We just want to reach a compromise."

The noise issue has even been brought up to the city council and has been described as very controversial.

Sound Engineer for Luna Live Barrett Bartlett said he understands Waldrep's frustrations with the noise and have been trying to meet in the middle.

"We repositioned a little bit and threw up some additional acoustical foam to dampen out sound around that area of the stage," Bartlett said. "We've rescheduled to put some events in the back and that's a compromise for us."

Bartlett said he wants the downtown community to come together and make a better environment.

"These people are part of the community and we need to find that perfect balance of how we can cater each other and understand and make sure everyone is clear, happy and no one has any complaints," he said.

Waldrep said the noise has been better since speakers have been rearranged in the venue, but it's still loud and not at a level that allows them to sleep at night.

"I want to take on responsibility to at least be considerate and anything I can do to help them out," Bartlett said.

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