State rests; Defense to call witnesses in Badon Case

State rests; Defense to put on witnesses in Badon trial

A tough day on the witness stand for a Calcasieu homicide detective. She was under intensive cross examination by the defense-- in the trial of Devin Badon.

In this second week of the trial, the State has rested its case.  And though the defense is under no obligation to put on a case, defense attorney Todd Clemons plans to do so and will begin calling witnesses first thing tomorrow.

Clemons told jurors in opening statements he would vigorously fight the charges against Badon saying he had been falsely accused. And Clemons has been doing that through lengthy, tedious cross examination of the state's witnesses.

Veteran homicide detective Andree Daugereaux was grilled by Clemons who worked to suggest inconsistencies and holes in witnesses statements and thus the investigation. When asked by Clemons, Daugereaux confirmed Stephin Bergeron, the murder victim, initiated the beef with Badon.

A big part of the defense strategy is to attack the credibility of Badon's former girlfriend, Nikita Julian, a key witness for the State,  but one who was right there with Badon and Fontenot when the killing occurred. Julian was never indicted.

On re-direct prosecutor Rick Bryant cleared up various issues muddied up by Clemons such as why detectives didn't do gun powder residue tests. Bryant brought out there was no need-- since investigators never doubted who fired the weapon. David Fontenot is accused of being the shooter, while Badon is charged as a principal.

Earlier jurors heard a video statement of Badon made as he was questioned by detectives after his arrest. Badon is soft spoken and hard to hear in the video.  But he testified he drove off after the shooting of Bergeron because he was scared because Fontenot was driving his truck.

On video, Badon began crying when investigators told him Bergeron was dead.

The defense doesn't have to prove anything at trial-- just create a reasonable doubt in the minds of several jurors as to Badon's guilt.

The defense has opted to put on witnesses in the morning and it's too soon to know if the State will put on a rebuttal.

Court reconvenes at 9 a.m. before Judge Kent Savoie.

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