Local school receives visit from state superintendent

State superintendent visits Dolby

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - On Tuesday Dolby Elementary welcomed Calcasieu parish superintendent Wayne Savoy and state superintendent of education John White for a tour of the school.

White sees Dolby as a top public school in the area and wanted to experience it firsthand.

He says he gathered two main principles from his visit.

"Number one it's about high expectations for kids," said White. "Every single child in this school learns the seven habits of effective people. They're learning rich content, they're doing great things. And second, it's about effective teachers. The teachers in this school send their kids to this school. They want to go to this school, because they know it's a great school and that's because it's got great teachers."

Dolby Elementary principal Missy Bushnell says she was honored to have White as a guest Tuesday, but feels all schools in the area would have been just as worthy.

"What Mr. White saw here, he would see at any school in Calcasieu parish," said Bushnell.

Except for one thing: the 'leader in me program.'  It's found in only two schools in the district. It incorporates Stephen Covey's seven habits and is geared towards guiding students at a young age towards high school graduation.

According to Bushnell, the program is what sets Dolby apart, but overall, the school is not any different from others in the area.

"We're just kind of your everyday school," said Bushnell. "We're a B-minus school. We work really, really hard. We have a great staff, great students. Parental support is wonderful."

White says he witnessed great early childhood education at Dolby, and that's what's important for Louisiana education. But he says changes at the elementary level are still in the distant future.

"We don't plan to make huge changes to our accountability system at the elementary school level," said White.

Where White does say these accountability system changes will take place is at the high school level.

He says these changes will begin in a year and a half from now.

These accountability plans will guide high school teachers towards making sure students are prepared for college and a career path.

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