Badon Trial: State rests its case

The trial will resume Wednesday morning. The defense will call witnesses and put on its case.

11:00 a.m.

Jurors heard a video statement this morning of Devin Badon made as he was questioned by detectives after his arrest.

Badon was soft spoken and hard to hear in the video. In response to questions, he explains why he drove off after the shooting of Stephin Bergeron.

Badon told detectives he was scared because alleged shooter, David "Dice" Fontenot, was driving his truck. Badon told detectives on tape he saw Bergeron fall and that he went home and went to bed. Badon began crying when investigators told him Bergeron was dead.

On tape Badon also denies knowing what happened to the gun and he refused to voluntarily allow deputies to examine his cell phone.

The edited tape played for jurors 45 minutes.

At last word, the lead detective who helped interview Badon was on the witness stand undergoing cross examination by the defense.

Badon is accused of second degree murder of Bergeron and attempted second degree murder of Chance Bourgeois. The killing happened April 13, 2011 off Highway 27.

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