Badon Trial: Former girlfriend's attorney says no deals made

Badon Trial: former girlfriend's attorney says no deals made

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Jurors will hear a video statement Tuesday of Devin Badon made after his arrest in connection with murder of Stephin Bergeron.  And a lead detective in the case will testify as the trial nears its end.  The detective took statements from various witnesses including Badon's former girlfriend.

That former girlfriend, Nikita Julian, was back on the stand briefly this afternoon. That was so she could waive the confidentiality that normally exists between attorney and client.

The waiver allowed her attorney, Cliff Newman, to testify about the advice he gave her on talking to investigators. The defense is trying to portray Julian as a liar and suggest that she's cooperating with the state to save her own skin. Julian was initially arrested along with Badon and alleged shooter David "Dice" Fontenot for the murder of Stephin Bergeron and attempted murder of Chance Bourgeois. However, unlike Fontenot and Badon, Julian was not indicted by a Calcasieu Grand Jury.

Newman testified he did not consider Julian a principal to murder and advised her to tell investigators the truth and "let the chips fall where they may." He also testified the state has offered no deals or special treatment to Julian for her testimony.

Julian has given some six statements to authorities and Newman indicated they are substantially the same as what she has told him.

Earlier jurors heard from the man who allegedly bought the bullets used to kill bergeron.

Dustin Bowdoin testified Badon called him saying he needed a favor and that, as requested by Badon, he went into the Walmart in Sulphur and bought some .40 caliber bullets.

Bullets can only be purchased by someone 21 or older. Neither Badon or Fontenot were old enough to buy bullets.

Bowdoin testified he actually gave the bag with the bullets to Fontenot and Bowdoin testified after he heard about the murder, he contacted authorities to tell what he had done.

Earlier, the jury was shown a gun allegedly used in the murder along with photos of location where crime scene investigators recovered it, behind residence on South Miles Road.  The deputy who recovered it testified the gun was loaded and that an extra magazine and live rounds were with it.

The trial is starting its second week.  Badon is on trial for second degree murder of Bergeron and attempted second degree murder of Bourgeois April 13 of 2011.  If convicted of second degree murder Badon faces an automatic sentence of life in prison.

The judge released jurors at 4 p.m. and told them he expects testimony and maybe the trial to finish Tuesday.  Court resumes at 9 a.m.

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