Murder victim's mother testifies in Badon trial

The jury heard testimony from Christy Bergeron--about the murder of her son and what happened in the hours before.

She explained it escalated from an argument over whether Devin Badon was giving drugs to a girl Stephin cared about.

Christy Bergeron admits in the first four months after her son Stephin was murdered she wasn't functioning. A month after he was killed she talked about the devastation of losing her 20 year old son. She said last May, "Nobody deserves to take somebody's life and no mother should have to bury their child and somebody needs to do something to stop all this violence."

On the witness, stand she tearfully told jurors about shots fired and running to find her son-- and seeing horrific injuries to his face and head as he lay dying. She also testified how it all started when Stephin told Devin Badon on the phone that he heard Badon was giving drugs to a girl Stephin cared about.

On cross examination the defense brought out that Devin and Stephin had been close friends at one time.

Later Chance Bourgeois testified-- Badon is charged with attempted murder of Bourgeois.

The jury was sent out when Bourgeois gave improper testimony suggesting Badon has been in trouble for drugs.

The judge later instructed the jury to disregard that testimony and reiterated the other references to drugs can only be used to try to prove motive, but not guilt.

Badon's former girlfriend Nikita Julian is expected to testify when the trial continues.

Julian was initially arrested in connection with the murder but then was not indicted. She is a key witness for the state.

About two this afternoon the judge excused the jury for the day so that he and the attorneys could take up evidence related issues.

The trial resumes at nine in the morning.

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