New homes for 3 Crestwood Community families

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Thursday was deadline day for Crestwood Community trailer park residents to move out. These residents were given 30 days to move out by the park's owner.

The owner owes thousands of dollars in unpaid water bills, even though the residents have been paying their parts monthly.

Three families moved out of Crestwood today, two of them to Parktown Estates.

"I had to take a few days off work to take care of business, to take care of all this," said former Crestwood resident Richard Morris. "It's a lot of stress. A lot of headaches."

Morris moved his trailer to Parktown Estates one of the only trailer parks that would accept his 1993 mobile home.

"If you have a trailer over 10 year or older, it's hard," said Morris. "Most places won't take you in. It makes you feel like, you know you're not worth it to get in their trailer park."

Another Crestwood community trailer moved into Parktown Thursday, and manager Mary Thibodeaux is more than willing to help the residents because she says they've been through enough.

"It ain't fair to them," said Thibodeaux. "After they pay their rent, and they did this to them. It is not right."

Moving the trailers cost more money than some residents have, but it's their only option besides selling their trailers. Bayou Mobile Home Transporters made the move as easy for residents as they could.

"You always need to help your community, anytime you can," said Duke Simmons, owner of the company. "We've all needed help, we've all been helped. So it's good to return the favor."

Many trailers are still left behind. Some are abandoned, but some residents refuse to leave.

Morris says the last month has been stressful. Finding a place to move at a reasonable price wasn't an easy task, but as of Thursday, he has a new location to call home.

"I've been wanting to move from that trailer park, I just never had the money," said Morris. "I mean it's probably a blessing. Actually, this is a better place."

The owner of Crestwood Community told residents the water would be turned off today, but officials say as of this afternoon, that water was not yet cut off.

The park is located in water district five and board president Ron Rider says the parish will try to recover all of the owed money from the unpaid water bills.

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